Black & White WordPress Photo Portfolio

With the variety of websites playing all colors of rainbow this modest Black & White Photo Portfolio stands out against the others very confidently and catches users’ eyes by its dissimilarity and deep author’s message. It’s easy to create an explosive effect having all possible tints and colors in your palette, but when your goal is to make the visitor think over, to awaken his hidden feelings, to turn his attention to visual and text content, here black and white color scheme can render the idea like no other. If your intentions coincide with our concept and you want to convey the message concealed in your artworks, this Photo Portfolio have all chances to become your personal web presentation.

In addition to the accuracy and professionalism of performance, this Black and White WordPress Photo Portfolio possesses high functionality and usability. Tender pink accents appearing in different places underline the essential information and look bright enough but not vulgar. The navigation of the template is simple and not confusing for the user. Its buttons and links gradually reveal all secret destinations of your photo studio. Footer area provides social icons for quick sharing of visitor’s impressions. The template has three sliders on the home page. The first one is in the header, where you can display all your featured works. The second and the third ones are in the content area, displaying Testimonials and Latest News & Events. Clicking on photos in a four column structure in the center on the content area, the user can enlarge them and view theme image galleries. Each gallery is supplied with description and read more button. As you see, the template meets all contemporary requirements for comprehensive web presence of a gifted artist.


his Black and White Photo Portfolio Theme was created on the bases of free open source WordPress software. It’s a great benefit for the future owner, as if you can work with Word; you will easily cope with WordPress. There are plenty of plugins for the given software, which widen your possibilities enormously. When you buy the theme as a template, you get a wonderful design, which needs only few strokes to acquire your personal style and character, but even if one day you decide to change everything, WordPress will support all your modification ideas. Moreover, you can update your WordPress website for security and new functionality in one click. The platform is very SEO friendly, so your customers won’t have troubles searching for you on the web. Your website will be very accessible, the web pages can be viewed on iPhones, BlackBerrys, Android, iPad, etc, WordPress is also acceptable for alternative browsers.

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