Grungy WordPress Photo Portfolio

Grunge style is a popular trend in modern web design. It’s a kind of protest against glamour and irreproachable beauty, sometimes very far from reality. Grunge website is a great way to show your uniqueness and dissimilarity with other sleek homogeneous pages. The author of our photo portfolio uses grungy texture in the background. This brief stroke is just a detail, but it creates the appropriate trustworthy atmosphere and reflects the artist’s position. When the visitors enter this website it seems as if they appeared in a studio during the work process and have a wonderful possibility to observe this exciting moment. Everything is true to reality therefore honest and attractive to the consumer.

Black and white layout of the theme has one bright yellow accent on the logo. Such efficient color play is a guarantee that your name will be noticed and remembered by the users. Menu has vertical position right under the logo. It is intensified by the fly out option. Social icons are in the right upper corner of the web page. The space for photographer’s life motto is under the sharing area. Let us admit that gallery is the home page of the theme, which is extremely good for promotion. Your adherents can enjoy your marvelous photos immediately after entering the website. When you place the mouse cursor over the image it becomes colored and a short description appears over the neighboring photo. The items are placed in a grid structure, ideal for presentation and perception. Footer area contains widgets guiding the users in their search.


What else you might need from your website except the beautiful layout, great product presentation and comprehensive navigation? An awesome CMS would be capital addition to this ultimate bundle of benefits. From the point of flexibility, simplicity and usability WordPress platform has no equals. It won’t take you too much time and effort to customize your portfolio even if your web development skills are smattering. Please feel free to study the list of template’s characteristic features below.

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