Terra-Cotta WordPress Photo Portfolio

Unusual color solution is a great way to draw users’ attention and demonstrate your uniqueness and originality. Our vintage photo portfolio with textured terra-cotta background will make deep impression on the visitors. Actually almost all space of the home page is occupied by the images of different sizes. Due to that the optical illusion of random photos placement is created. It seems to us as if the images are simply spread over the photographer’s table, which casts the atmosphere of something personal and touching. We catch ourselves feeling that we view the images from somebody’s home album and listen to thrilling life stories connected with them. All photos are supplied with View button in the bottom. You can zoom in the image and view it in larger size simply clicking on it.

The author uses stylish handwritten font for the logo. Search form and drop down categories are in the right upper corner of the page. It is very convenient to look for the item you need using the categories. The fact that the links become visible only when the user needs the function is great for the design and saves the space on the page. Menu also has drop down option and lets the user choose how to view portfolio: in one, two, three or four columns. Content area includes two more blocks illustrated with appropriate images. Photos in Our View section change with the help of a slider. The color of footer area coincides with menu bar and imparts the design a harmonious complete appearance. We can observe widgetized areas and About us info block in the footer.


The given WordPress photo portfolio possesses uncommon, remarkable layout, surprising the visitor with extreme functionality. The distinctive author’s idea enchants with the beauty and professionalism of performance. The flexibility of CMS lets the owner edit and modify almost each element of the layout and turn the template into personal portfolio representing your life position and world-view. Due to ever young vintage design style your website will stay up-to-date for many years and delight the users’ eyes with your artistic photos. Here follows a detailed list of template’s features for your kind consideration.

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