WordPress Portfolio Theme with Orange Mood

If you are a web designer in the mood of creating your success, don’t postpone your desire for tomorrow, begin today! This buoyant WordPress template will serve you a great service. First of all, this outstanding creative work is easy to notice because of its juicy color combination. But notwithstanding the screaming colors, the template was created with great taste and delicate sense of harmony. The design is soaked with vital energy, and gives the user a clear impression of its owner, i.e. an active, contemporary person with non standard, creative world-view. Thus, it goes without saying that a prospective customer is fascinated and willing to get acquainted with your works.

As you are not a newbie to web design technology, you realize that the fact that the given template was created on WordPress platform is very advantageous, as the software is extremely convenient, user friendly and easy to modify. It won’t take you much time to update your website according to your preference. You can change and modify almost all elements quickly and easily to get a unique web presentation for your blooming web design agency.


All design elements are placed in compliance with the promotion laws. Each button, content block or widget is at hand and the user can easily navigate through the website. Two-level drop down menu is also a pleasant surprise. The most modern recent works are constantly displayed with the help of a slider. The user can follow the links in the widgetized areas and view the whole works’ portfolio. A standard contact form is provided for the purpose.
You will find the full list of specifications below:

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