Tips to Destroy Your Own Webinar

For the last six months, Startup Hub has been doing webinars with the real gurus. We talked with Ashley Faulkes from Mad Lemmings, Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media, Dre Beltrami, the leader of Branded Solopreneur, and many others.

Not everything went smoothly though…

All those “how to be a webinar pro and get millions of subscribers” guides promised us a sweet life and tons of traffic. As you might’ve guessed, the reality was different from our expectations.

Instead of loads of traffic generated though our awesome webinar content, we generated some mistakes…

Luckily, we’ve fixed most of them. Moreover, we’ve learned from every single mess-up we made, so we don’t make them again. And here are the lessons, so you don’t need to make webinar mistakes either.

To avoid mistakes with the rest of your content as well, follow Sujan Patel’s content strategy plan in our free email course.

Webinar tips based on a true story

I’m holding a phone in one hand and a case of hysteria in the other.

I’m running around the room and going nuts. I’m trying to reach my boss, or my colleagues, or at least the neighbor’s dog. Somebody has to fix this problem immediately.

What do you think has just happened? An earthquake?

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