WordPress Portfolio Theme with Orange Mood

If you are a web designer in the mood of creating your success, don’t postpone your desire for tomorrow, begin today! This buoyant WordPress template will serve you a great service. First of all, this outstanding creative work is easy to notice because of its juicy color combination. But notwithstanding the screaming colors, the template was created with great taste and delicate sense of harmony. The design is soaked with vital energy, and gives the user a clear impression of its owner, i.e. an active, contemporary person with non standard, creative world-view. Thus, it goes without saying that a prospective customer is fascinated and willing to get acquainted with your works.

As you are not a newbie to web design technology, you realize that the fact that the given template was created on WordPress platform is very advantageous, as the software is extremely convenient, user friendly and easy to modify. It won’t take you much time to update your website according to your preference. You can change and modify almost all elements quickly and easily to get a unique web presentation for your blooming web design agency.


All design elements are placed in compliance with the promotion laws. Each button, content block or widget is at hand and the user can easily navigate through the website. Two-level drop down menu is also a pleasant surprise. The most modern recent works are constantly displayed with the help of a slider. The user can follow the links in the widgetized areas and view the whole works’ portfolio. A standard contact form is provided for the purpose.
You will find the full list of specifications below:

Grungy WordPress Photo Portfolio

Grunge style is a popular trend in modern web design. It’s a kind of protest against glamour and irreproachable beauty, sometimes very far from reality. Grunge website is a great way to show your uniqueness and dissimilarity with other sleek homogeneous pages. The author of our photo portfolio uses grungy texture in the background. This brief stroke is just a detail, but it creates the appropriate trustworthy atmosphere and reflects the artist’s position. When the visitors enter this website it seems as if they appeared in a studio during the work process and have a wonderful possibility to observe this exciting moment. Everything is true to reality therefore honest and attractive to the consumer.

Black and white layout of the theme has one bright yellow accent on the logo. Such efficient color play is a guarantee that your name will be noticed and remembered by the users. Menu has vertical position right under the logo. It is intensified by the fly out option. Social icons are in the right upper corner of the web page. The space for photographer’s life motto is under the sharing area. Let us admit that gallery is the home page of the theme, which is extremely good for promotion. Your adherents can enjoy your marvelous photos immediately after entering the website. When you place the mouse cursor over the image it becomes colored and a short description appears over the neighboring photo. The items are placed in a grid structure, ideal for presentation and perception. Footer area contains widgets guiding the users in their search.


What else you might need from your website except the beautiful layout, great product presentation and comprehensive navigation? An awesome CMS would be capital addition to this ultimate bundle of benefits. From the point of flexibility, simplicity and usability WordPress platform has no equals. It won’t take you too much time and effort to customize your portfolio even if your web development skills are smattering. Please feel free to study the list of template’s characteristic features below.

Terra-Cotta WordPress Photo Portfolio

Unusual color solution is a great way to draw users’ attention and demonstrate your uniqueness and originality. Our vintage photo portfolio with textured terra-cotta background will make deep impression on the visitors. Actually almost all space of the home page is occupied by the images of different sizes. Due to that the optical illusion of random photos placement is created. It seems to us as if the images are simply spread over the photographer’s table, which casts the atmosphere of something personal and touching. We catch ourselves feeling that we view the images from somebody’s home album and listen to thrilling life stories connected with them. All photos are supplied with View button in the bottom. You can zoom in the image and view it in larger size simply clicking on it.

The author uses stylish handwritten font for the logo. Search form and drop down categories are in the right upper corner of the page. It is very convenient to look for the item you need using the categories. The fact that the links become visible only when the user needs the function is great for the design and saves the space on the page. Menu also has drop down option and lets the user choose how to view portfolio: in one, two, three or four columns. Content area includes two more blocks illustrated with appropriate images. Photos in Our View section change with the help of a slider. The color of footer area coincides with menu bar and imparts the design a harmonious complete appearance. We can observe widgetized areas and About us info block in the footer.


The given WordPress photo portfolio possesses uncommon, remarkable layout, surprising the visitor with extreme functionality. The distinctive author’s idea enchants with the beauty and professionalism of performance. The flexibility of CMS lets the owner edit and modify almost each element of the layout and turn the template into personal portfolio representing your life position and world-view. Due to ever young vintage design style your website will stay up-to-date for many years and delight the users’ eyes with your artistic photos. Here follows a detailed list of template’s features for your kind consideration.

WordPress plugins

At the following piece, you’re provided a summary of the factors that were most important to you to bear in mind when choosing a WordPress theme. You can change topics on in case you choose to improve the manifestation of your brand or desire an look. If you’re using a preset theme, whether you’ve bought it or it’s a the one that you’ll have to have no knowledge to change any one one of these. How to Choose a WordPress Theme You need to hire designer who’s competent enough to update your WordPress motif with the arrivals. On the flip side, one of the biggest benefits of WordPress topics that are paid is that they truly are designed by designers that are knowledgeable and professional. This WordPress motif that is easy provides diverse layouts made to place your stories. Besides Coping with numerous ad networks for profit and using a advertising server that is dependable, receiving a top website design is among the most effective procedures to monetization achievement. Take into account all the abovementioned benefits concerning the value of WordPress theme customization whilst designing your site and which makes it popular by leaving a impression. The very best thing about WordPress is the simple fact that it’s powered through an opensource tech that makes maintenance and its development cheap. You require one search engine optimization plug in to embed SEO functionality in your site. There are scores of WordPress plugins which place book marking tools therefore use them. When you have not ever built a site among the quickest and simplest approaches to acquire your very first domain operational and name live in seconds is always to install WordPress on your own site It’s totally possible to create a WordPress run site appear perhaps not unlike a static website that it simple to update. The CMS of this site needs to be proper. There are tons of WordPress templates that are available on the internet. WordPress themes are a breeze to utilize. They made and have been otherwise created to ensure that they can be employed for sorts of sites. Their WordPress themes are not great looking but they aren’t tough to alter for someone with no experience such as me. WordPress Themes Form topics, the Elegant Themes service team is among the biggest in the organization. The Carbon WP motif has. The Marshmallow WP theme can behave as both a motif and a portfolio and includes. You might face a issue regarding your website. You would wish to be in a situation to try it out all the versions at no cost and free of risk . All these form of internet sites attract large quantity of traffic about it and texture. You may locate a range of extensions and topics to improve your site’s functionality. WordPress offers a selection of templates to select from based upon your kind of business. Whatever feature you believe you would love on your site you will usually track down a plugin which could furnish the feature you are currently currently searching for. The Way to Build a Website In any case, you involve any plugins to earn everything function smoothly. Plenty of options is very good but it might also be overwhelming, specially and running as rapidly as you can. It empowers an individual to experience a wide array of UI and select the one that suits them best.